Picture it — you’re all strapped in. You’ve seen this ride a hundred times. You’ve witnessed the faces of exhilaration from everyone who has already experienced it. It’s your turn. The bar clasps securely across your lap and the familiar click and clack of “no turning back now” makes the situation all the more real. A slight jerk catches you off guard as the interconnected cars find their proper spacing. The sun is bright and warm on your face and the young lad next to you seems more courageous than he should be, more courageous than you… he’s already ridden this thing 11 times. The metal on metal reverberates in your seat as the chains catch and the incline begins. This ride isn’t that long, but you’ve already aged ten years waiting for the climactic climb to give way to the precipice of an anxiety-fueled freefall. Finally, you’ve reached the top. The intentional delay between rise and release sends your stomach to your throat as your heart thumps in your toes until at last, you hear it… -CLICK-

I’ve lived that moment many times in my life and it’s always a thrill, the kind of memory that plasters a permanent smile on your face, even if only temporary. There are few experiences to compare to this sort of rush… until now.

I’ve been watching MetrixCoin (MRX) grow and develop for over three years and I cannot tell you how excited I am to share this project with you. The proverbial miles that have been traveled, the literal blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into building one of the best Crypto projects I’ve ever encountered… It’s hard to put into words, honestly. Like a phoenix birthed from the ashes of fiery death, MetrixCoin has been reborn from its former creation. Rife with an ambitious team, forked to a new more functional, adaptive chain, and an expansive, impressive list of acquisitions and accolades. Not to mention, the community is the most helpful band of believers I have ever experienced, generous and altruistic with their talents and their time. Colloquially known as Metroids, holding MRX means being absorbed into something that feels more like a family than a gaggle of investors. I don’t normally advocate marrying into a crypto project and fervently oppose the tribalism that runs rampant in crypto… but you kinda can’t help it with MetrixCoin.

Okay, I get it… who cares, right? Well, you should. MetrixCoin has marked off nearly ALL of their roadmap items, which consequently, has become a living document as they continually add more to it, finding new ways to innovate and adapt. In short, they never stop grinding!

Here’s a quick recap:

CONTENT. The team keeps their community more informed than most every other project I have witnessed. Through a weekly recap known as The Week That Was (TWTW), which you can find HERE, Jude Newcomb recounts the accomplishments and activities of each week. You can also check up on the project’s major announcements and updates straight from CEO, Trent Richards, by following the team’s official YouTube channel HERE. Additionally, you can and should follow their official Twitter to be updated on all this content. Even more exciting is how many community members have focused their passion for MetrixCoin into making their own content… Head to Twitter to check out what the community is saying about MRX and why they are growing so quickly! Also, check out their recently revamped and updated Whitepaper.

PARTNERSHIPS! MRX is available as a point of sale transaction cryptocurrency through integration with CoinsPaid. That means any vendor who wants to adapt CoinsPaid into their online platform can also accept MetrixCoin as payment! This is incredible! Are we not here to see Crypto become a fungible reliable currency? Yes, in fact, we are. The forward-thinking team members of MetrixCoin have built the infrastructure for use as a digital currency and are setting the stage to prepare for mass adoption.

SOCIAL REACH: Having amassed over 30K Twitter followers, 25K Telegram members, and over 10K Instagram followers, MetrixCoin is increasing its social reach every week. Between the growing social channels and staying active on Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and LinkedIn, MRX is soon to be a household name in the crypto space.

NFTS!! The most repeated buzzword in crypto right now is Non-Fungible Tokens. MetrixCoin has taken everything great about NFTs and made it BETTER. Using available technologies and strategic partnerships, MRX is rolling out an NFT platform where users can trade NFTs using MRX. This proves to be much more cost-effective than using ERC20 tokens, which require exorbitant fees. And that’s only the beginning… What makes it better is that Virtual Reality (VR) experience is being integrated into the NFT platform for maximizing each user experience in the coming art collection and acquisition. This NFT platform will also include other such activities and games where users can trade, earn, and create content right on the site, using the developer-friendly MRX blockchain.

GAMES! Everyone loves a good game. Some people like playing and challenging their friends, while others prefer to spectate. MetrixCoin has developed a platform called WageStreetGaming where you can do both… but that’s not all. You can wager bets on games you’re watching or challenge and bet against your friends. The sheer volume of users betting on games and eSports makes this an obvious smart choice, of which MRX quickly responded to and answered the call.

ALL THE BEST GIFTS ARE WRAPPED!! So it only makes sense that MRX would also be wrapped. What do I mean? MRX has wrapped options for trading in liquidity pools like PancakeSwap and Uniswap. MRXb is wrapped in Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and MRXe is wrapped in Ethereum (ERC20). This makes MRX now tradable on the most popular wrapped trading pools while still capitalizing on the MRX brand and minimal fees. The adaptive inter-changeability this affords creates limitless opportunities moving forward, which includes seamless integration with every platform that already supports these partnered chains.

EXCHANGE LISTING! I saved the most exciting update for last. MetrixCoin has acquired a double listing on a top 15 exchange! Bitmart listing is now live. Announced as not only the newest and largest exchange for MRX, but as a double listing. That’s right, MRX will be listed on Bitmart with two options: MRXb and MRX/USDT. Users can now trade MRX with confidence on a popular, trusted large exchange; as an added bonus, this will increase volume, liquidity, and visibility to further help MRX shine. The whole community is elated with this new milestone for the MetrixCoin Project.

The momentum is building with MetrixCoin. The team is dedicated to its success; the community is rallying behind the project, and there is still more to come. 2022 will prove to be an even more exciting year for MRX. Trent and the core team, with its dedicated members, are headed for a well-deserved spot in the top 100 cryptos, targeting only top 10 tier-one exchanges and multi-national mega-million dollar partnerships. The talks and meetings are already happening, handshakes made, and enhanced utility and integration already in the making. You do NOT want to miss your chance to be a part of this crypto movement. Let’s go METRIX!! Time to get trading! Until next time, come join the MetrixCoin family… Come be a Metroid!

-Joshua B. (Crypto Life)
MRX Team Member -Social Media




Team Member for Metrix Coin (Social Media Manager- LinkedIn

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Team Member for Metrix Coin (Social Media Manager- LinkedIn

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