Picture it — you’re all strapped in. You’ve seen this ride a hundred times. You’ve witnessed the faces of exhilaration from everyone who has already experienced it. It’s your turn. The bar clasps securely across your lap and the familiar click and clack of “no turning back now” makes the…

Hot off the presses — Metrix Coin is doing it again. Introducing the latest in the strategic advancement of the MRX project:

TL;DR: Metrix Coin is raising capital to supplement the development of the team’s forward vision of integration and growth to include, but not limited to: NFT platform, Wage…

Metrix Coin: A Mid-Year Review

Scalable, Flexible, and Applicable to multiple use-cases, Metrix Coin and its ticker MRX is not just another Proof of Stake (PoS) cryptocurrency, but rather a blockchain technology that offers benefits to consumers and businesses, intuitive to encompass growth and versatile to implement in multiple arenas.

Bitcoin rallied back toward the highs but we are close if not already at the point where it likely moves back down. The green dotted line at the bottom is my next target area based on a small interval incomplete fractal pattern at the lows on July 2nd that says we will go back down at least to the lows. The algos are driving much of the movement now and longer term I still think we will get into the 6000-6500 area at the bottom of this wave 2.

Exactly when we will get there I cannot tell you, but sooner than later would be my vote so we can resume the uptrend of the bull into the larger wave 3 up.

Bitcoin Kraken 20 min chart.


People are hopeful! And rightly so… when you’re 90% down for the better part of 15 months, hope is all you have.

I will say, there is light at the end of the tunnel… but it’s important to note that there is still tunnel yet to travel.

“The fractals tell…

Be careful here with FOMO. I’d probably take some profits with a nice jump.

Although this is certainly nice action we are seeing now, I do not believe we are racing off to new highs without a test of the bottom in Bitcoin or at least a few more months of chop.

Alts will most likely follow bitcoin back down if that happens. Being careful is warranted here.

Pump and dump is what the banksters do now that they have lions share of crypto.


Bitcoin 4 day chart:


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